Best Cellphone Plans In Winnipeg ( Cheapest Ones)

best cellphone plans in winnipeg

So you’re coming to Winnipeg, congratulations! but doing your research on the best cellphone plans in Winnipeg is an even more amazing thing because you’ll be able to know about which plan best suits your needs!

If you’re a student then you’re definitely looking for the cheapest cellphone plans in Canada because you need to manage your expenses. So whether you’re a student or a visitor , this guide will help you determine the best cellphone plans Winnipeg has to offer!

Best Cellphone Plans In Winnipeg

  1. Rogers-$45
  2. Bell-$65
  3. Fido-$32
  4. Chatr-$25
  5. Virgin-$32
  6. Telus-$32
  7. Koodo-$15
  8. Public Mobile-$15

1. Chatr-$25

Why is Chatr on top of this list? because I personally use Chatr and it has provided the best coverage and internet speeds. As a student you’ll be needing a prepaid phone plan immediately , because you cant get a SIN number right after arriving in Canada.

That’s where Chatr accels, Chatr is the best prepaid cellphone plan provider in Canada, although one downside is that the internet is only 3G which gives a maximum speed of 3MBps, but you get unlimited calls throughout Canada and many more!

Here’s What You Get With Chatr:

  1. Unlimited Canada Wide Talks
  2. Unlimited Canada and International Text Messages
  3. Voicemail
  4. 500MB On 3G

All of these things make Chatr the best cellphone plan in Winnipeg, but hold your horses! there are plenty more to come!

2. Fido-$32

Fido is also a very good cellphone plan provider in Winnipeg, they have 0 downtime and are almost as good as Chatr, they are a bit more expensive than Chatr but the upside of Fido is that they also give you a $0 payment plan to choose from just in case you can’t afford their standard plan.

This makes Fido amazing! they offer speeds of upto 36MBps with their 4G network and offer so many perks which we’ll get to later on.

Fido also has a 30-day return policy no questions asked!, this plan is best for students because you won’t have to rely much on wifi and you can even watch your online classes from your cellphone!

Here’s What You Get With Fido:

  1. Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk
  2. Unlimited International And Canada Text
  3. Voicemail
  4. 2GB Internet with 4G LTE Speeds
  5. Data Overage Protection

Overall Fido is best if you want to switch from a prepaid phone plan to post paid, infact , 50-60% of cellphone users in Canada use Fido.

3. Koodo-$15

Koodo is the cheapest plan in this list so far, but if they’re cheap then that doesn’t mean that they’re better than Fido and Chatr.

But a $15 plan with Koodo is more than enough to get by if you really want to control your budget and get the best coverage at the same time.

Here’s What You Get With Koodo:

  1. 100 Canada-Wide Minutes
  2. Unlimited Canada Wide Text
  3. Voicemail
  4. 250MB on 3G

Koodo is a very cheap option and just enough to get by as a newcomer in Canada, this plan is best if you’re a visitor and if you don’t intend to live here for a long time.

4. Rogers-$45

Rogers is the king of them all, It has the best speeds and the best coverage , although it does come at a hefty price but it’s worth it 100%.

Rogers can be a great option for entrepreneurs, students and anyone who’s a permanent resident in Canada/Winnipeg but it’s best for entrepreneurs and people in the corporate sector.

Here’s What You Get With Rogers:

  1. 5G Network Access
  2. Unlimited Data with 10GB Of Speed
  3. Unlimited Calling within Canada
  4. Unlimited Texting Within Canada
  5. Voicemail

Overall , Rogers best if you’re a Skipthedishes or Uber employee since you’ll be needing to use google maps a lot which consumes too much data, with unlimited data and 5G speeds you won’t have any kind of trouble.

And with that you’ll also get uninterrupted coverage and internet speeds.

5. Public Mobile-$15

Public Mobile is very similar to Koodo in terms of pricing and the perks that each of these companies offer.

Here’s What You Get With Public Mobile:

  1. 250MB 3G Data Speed
  2. 100 Canada Minutes
  3. Unlimited Text

Public Mobile is suitable for tourists.

6. Bell-$65

Just like Rogers, Bell is also a widely known cellphone network in Canada, their cheapest plan costs $65 and again, is suitable for people travelling a lot.

Here’s What Bell Offers You:

  1. 25GB Internet With 5G Network Speed
  2. Hotspot Capabilities
  3. Unlimited Canada Wide Calling
  4. Unlimited Canada Wide Texting

The greatest thing about Bell is that this plan is shareable, meaning that you can share the costs with another person and it boils down to just $32 a month, which is amazing considering that you’re getting 5G speeds of upto 250MBps.

Bell is amazing for students, Office employees and anyone who lives in Winnipeg.

7. Virgin Plus-$15

Virgin Plus is a very popular network as well, just like Rogers and Bell and is used by a lot of Canadians.

Here’s What You Get With Virgin:

  1. 250MB With 4G Speeds
  2. 100 Canada Minutes
  3. Unlimited Nationwide Texting

8. Telus-$32

The cheapest plan gives you unlimited minutes and texts, and no data plans, which makes it a bit expensive, their cheapest data plan costs $75, so this makes Telus the most expensive option in this list.

However, Telus is an amazing company just like Rogers and Bell and it’s best for drivers and people in the corporate sector but it’s not very suitable for students and tourists.

Here’s What You Get With Telus:

  1. Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  2. Unlimited Nationwide Texting

Conclusion: Which One Suits You Best?

All of these cellphone companies are amazing in their own capacity and the best one depends on your needs, if you’re a student then Chatr is your best option since it’s cheap and also gives you plenty of benefits.

If you’re a corporate person, you have a lot of meetings or you’re a teacher then go for Bell or Rogers.

So in the end , everything depends on your needs.