Best Artisan Mousepads For Valorant ( Top 5 )

best artisan mousepads for valorant

You’ve probably heard of a lot of companies that manufacture good mousepads, but have you heard of Artisan? Artisan is one of the top companies that specializes in making mousepads for Esports games like Valorant, and you’re here to know about the best artisan mousepads for Valorant so you can defeat your enemies with ease.

Which Type of Mousepad Is Good For Valorant?

Your mousepad plays a crucial role when it comes to Esports gaming, the same cannot be said for MMO or RPG games where little mouse movement is required, but when it comes to fast paced FPS (first person shooter ) games, you’re definitely going to be needing a good mousepad.

What Makes A Mousepad Good For Gaming

  1. Smooth Mouse Gliding
  2. Easily Washable
  3. Rapid Movement Support
  4. Good Fabric

Note: Is mousepad necessary for gaming?

Why Choose An Artisan Mousepad For Valorant

Valorant is a very fast paced FPS game, where players constantly need to be aware of their surroundings and have to rely on their instinct to aim , and when it comes to aiming in valorant, players generally tend to flick, track and pre-aim.

Although there are a lot of good companies that manufacture mousepads for games ( and that too at a very cheap price! ), but there’s only one company that manufactures mousepads for Esports games like valorant, and that is artisan.

There are companies like corsair and steelseries which build impressive mousepads for gaming but they’re not specific to Esports games.

Now that you know why Artisan mousepads are good for gaming, let’s move on to our list of the best Artisan mousepads for valorant.

Best Artisan Mousepads For Valorant

1. Artisan Hien

The Artisan Hien comes in 5 different colors and gives a light glide to the user , it comes in 3 different sizes and has a curl and slip resistant surface.

You also have an option to choose the type of cloth ranging from Extra-soft, soft and medium, each providing a different kind of mouse glide experience.

The fabric of the Hien is such that the mouse will glide easily and at the same time stop as soon as the movement of your hand stops which gives a big advantage when it comes to flicking in Valorant, this doesn’t happen with regular mousepads , instead your mouse keeps gliding for a few milliseconds when the movement of your hand halts.

The Mousepad is priced at approximately $15.

SizeSmall, Medium, Large
Color OptionsBlack, Navy Blue, Red, Pink, Grey
HardnessExtra Soft, Soft, Mid

2. Artisan Ninja FX Hayate

The Ninja FX Hayate is another one of the major releases from Artisan. The mousepad comes in 2 different colors and 3 sizes. And just like The Artisan Hien , it also has a slip and curl resistant surface.

This mousepad is very special because it allows you to glide your mouse fast which is very important when it comes to flicking in Valorant. So it moves your mouse fast and firmly stops when your hand comes to a halt.

The Ninja FX Hayate is one of the high end models from Artisan, priced around $30.

SizeMedium, Large, Extra Large
Color OptionsBlack, Grey
HardnessExtra Soft, Soft, Mid

3. Artisan Ninja FX Zero

The Ninja FX Zero is one of the more affordable models from Artisan and gives a similar performance to that of Steelseries QCK mousepad but slightly better.

This mousepad comes in 4 sizes and one standard color of black.

SizeSmall,Medium, Large, Extra Large
Color OptionsBlack
HardnessExtra Soft, Soft, Mid

4. Artisan Zero Classic

Artisan Zero Classic is just like Ninja FX Zero, with an addition of the color grey and a cheaper price point which is around $15.

This is the classic and most common model of Artisan.

SizeSmall,Medium, Large, Extra Large
Color OptionsBlack, Grey
HardnessExtra Soft, Soft, Mid

5. Artisan Ninja FX Raiden

The Ninja FX Raiden is known to enable quick initial movement of the mouse, similar to that of the Hayate. Apart from that the Raiden model gives a more slippery surface than other mousepads in this list due to it’s thinly knitted threads.

This gives an easier tracking of enemies in Valorant.

SizeMedium, Large, Extra Large
Color OptionsCoffee Brown
HardnessExtra Soft, Soft, Mid


Are Artisan Mousepads Best?

Artisan mousepads are specifically made for Esports gaming so if you need to up your game in games like Valorant and CS:GO then yes , artisan mousepads are best for that purpose.

Which Artisan Mousepad Has The Most Control?

Artisan Hien overall has the best stability and control.