Astro A50 Firmware Update Failed(How to Fix)

astro a50 firmware update failed

So your Astro A50 firmware update failed or it’s stuck on 0, you’ve applied countless fixes but have still not fixed the problem, don’t worry! , I’ve discovered 8 proper ways of fixing the firmware problem on the Astro A50.

The problem happens when you open the Astro Command Center to update your A50 headset, however, the update stays stuck at 0% , sometimes it updates but at some point while updating, the update get’s stuck then returns an “update failed” message.

Here’s How You Can Fix The Problem

1. Try To Update Firmware Using Another Computer

Installing firmware update from another PC or laptop has fixed the problem from many users, that’s because when you do fresh install of the Astro Command Center all caches are cleared and it’s free of any interference from other software.

2. Reinstall Astro Command Center

Doing a fresh install of the Astro Command Center will ensure that it’s not a command center related problem, here’s how you can reinstall Astro Command Center:

  • Go into “Control Panel”
  • Choose “Uninstall a Program”
  • Right Click on Astro Command Center and choose uninstall
  • Go to this link and download the latest version of Astro Command Center
  • Follow the installation instructions

3. Clear Temporary Files and Restart Your Computer

Temporary files and cache often build up and can cause certain software to malfunction so it’s crucial that you keep clearing it occasionally. Here’s how you do it:

  • Press Windows + R key , the run box will open
  • Type “Temp”
  • A folder will open
  • Select all the files and press delete

4. Download and Install Astro Command Center Through Microsoft Store

Many users of the A50 have said that installing the command center microsoft store fixed the problem for them so you should try that as well.

5. Hard Reset Your Astro Headset

If everything else has failed to work up till now then you should reset your headset because it makes sure that everything is set to default and your headset is returned to factory settings.

Here’s how you can reset your Astro A50 headset:

  • Turn on your headset
  • Press the button beside the Dolby logo on the side of your headset
  • Then press and hold the “Game” button on the outside earcup
  • Finally, keep these buttons pressed for 30 seconds and your headset should be reset

6. Plug The Astro Base Station Into Another USB Port then Try To Update Firmware

Plugging the base station will ensure that there’s no command center or a hardware related problem.

7. Use A Manual Update File

If the headsets’ firmware is still failing to update then you can update it manually, here’s how you can do it:

  • Open your Astro Command Center
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click on Update Firmware Manually

8. Run Astro Command Center As Administrator Then Try To Update Firmware

It might be that the Command Center needs administrator access in order to update the firmware of your A50 headset so you should try to run it as administrator then update the firmware and see if it works.

Conclusion: Contact Astro Support

If all else fails then your best option would be to contact Astro customer support and let them know that the firmware is not updating and they’ll be able to help you out, however you most likely won’t have to resort to that because the hard reset fix will most likely get rid of the problem.