Are Cooling Pads Bad For Laptops? Myth Busted

are cooling pads bad for laptops

Many of you laptop gamers think that a cooling pad is bad for laptops, let me bust the myth: Cooling Pads Are NOT bad For Laptops.

While cooling pads aren’t bad for laptops, they do carry some disadvantages like every other thing, so without further a do let’s move on to the disadvantages of laptop cooling pads.

1. Cooling Pads Are Noisy

The majority of high performance laptop cooling pads are really noisy, they produce an irritating sound, and even more so when you’re trying to do a CPU or GPU Intensive task on your laptop, in that case, both your laptop and the cooling pad produce a lot of sound which becomes irritating. That sound can lead to disturbance and sometimes impacts your gaming sessions. The reason they produce a lot of sound is because cooling pad fans generally operate at a high RPM (usually 1400-1500).

However, there are ways to avoid this, what you should do is simply buy a soundproof sheet and diy soundproof your laptop cooling pad, make sure to do this the right way otherwise you might risk overheating your laptop.

Another better alternative to eliminate noise is to simply buy a silent cooling pad, a silent laptop cooling pad won’t produce as much noise as a normal active laptop cooling pad but the downside to a silent pad is that in most of the cases the fan speed is lower.

But overall, a noisy cooling pad shouldn’t stop you from using one because it’s providing you long term benefits.

2. Cooling Pads Drain A Lot Of Power From The Battery

The main reason why cooling pads are considered bad is because of the amount of power they drain from the battery, on average, a laptop cooling pad consumes almost 2.3W of power from the battery.

But does a laptop cooling pad work? yes it does! while consuming the power from the battery, your cooling pad still manages to keep your laptop cool and prevents it from heating.

Furthermore, if your laptop runs 6 hours without a cooling pad, then it’ll run almost 4 hours with a cooling pad plugged in, but then again, you’re using a cooling pad to cool down your laptop, and in most cases, you’re using a gaming laptop.

So a gaming laptop is usually plugged in all the time so this factor shouldn’t limit you much, but in terms of the damage or if a cooling pad can harm the battery then no, a laptop cooling pad doesn’t do any harm to your laptop battery.

3. Cooling Pads Are A Bit Difficult To Carry Around

Some cooling pads for 18inch laptops or bigger are a bit difficult to carry around which doesn’t make them ideal, so what you can do to fix this problem is to carry it in a bigger laptop bag , a backpack or don’t carry it at all.

Because cooling pads are delicate as well, you have to be careful not to drop them otherwise you’ll waste your money.

4. Useless For New Laptops

Cooling pads are practically useless when it comes to using them on new laptops , that’s because new laptops are generally very clean and dust free, although in some cases , cooling pads do offer a good amount of cooling for new laptops as well.

But mostly, they don’t have much of an effect on new laptops.

5. Cooling Pads Accumulate Dust

The majority of cooling pads accumulate dust over time so you need to be very careful when using your cooling pad, always keep it clean and tidy and also when you place it on the surface , make sure that that surface is clean and dust free.

Otherwise what might happen is that the cooling pad will simply suck the dirty air from the bottom vents and throw it into your laptop, making things worse and potentially clogging the vents and fans of your laptop.

6. Cooling Pads Take A Lot Of Space

If you have a laptop bag then you know what I’m talking about, storing a cooling pad is a bit tedious because of their size, so if you want to carry them around then you’ll need a big backpack.

Both your laptop and your cooling pad can’t fit in the same laptop bag and will have to go separately. Other than that, if you don’t carry your laptop around too much then storing your cooling pad shouldn’t be much of a problem.

7. Need To Be Paired Up With Another Cooling Solution For Them To Effectively Cool Down Your Laptop

Just buying a laptop cooling pad won’t cut it, you have to pair it up with another cooling solution such as new thermal paste or a vacuum cooler to truly make a big difference.

On average, cooling pads can reduce the over all temperature of your laptop by 13 degrees on their own, but that happens in varying circumstances so in order to maximize output you should use it with other things.

8. Cooling Pads Are A Short Term Solution To A Long Term Problem

Most laptop cooling pads exist just to cool down overheating laptops and rightfully so. Because you can’t fix an overheating laptop with just a cooling pad, you need to clean it with compressed air and get it serviced.

Get to the root of the problem and you won’t even need a cooling pad to cool down your laptop.

Wrap Up

So now you know if cooling pads are bad for your laptops or not, but according to research done by experts, cooling pads are not bad for your laptops, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and they help to prolong the life of an already healthy laptop.

a $20 investment in a laptop cooling pad goes a long way so you should definitely get one regardless of if your laptop is overheating or not because they contribute to the general health of your laptop.