Mass Effect Legendary Edition Best Class for Insanity    

best class for insanity mass effect legendary ediiton

Are you eager to know the best class for insanity in the Mass effect legendary edition?  Or perhaps for challenges in games? Well, the Mass Effect series can be measured at top of shelve in the ruthless gaming category. For new mass effect gamers but familiar with gaming tactics—it is recommended to commence single-player mode […]

Mass Effect 3 Best Weapons For Squad Mates

mass effect 3 best weapons for squadmates

Mass Effect 3 is one of the breakthrough games that offers significant graphics while giving you chance to play with different characters with different abilities. However, sometimes it can be pretty daunting to play with another proficient character without some serious suitable weapon for them. Therefore, several individuals are perplexed to know about the best […]

Dell Laptop Not Recognizing Headphones[15+ ways to fix]

dell laptop not recognizing headphones

So your Dell laptop is not recognizing your headphones, well there are a lot of reasons why your dell laptop is not recognizing your headphones, but the problem is more persistent in the Dell Inspiron Series but not worry! I’ve compiled a huge list of all the things that you can do to fix the […]

Devil May Cry 5 Fatal Application Exit(FIXED!)

Devil May Cry 5 Fatal Application Exit

Devil May cry 5 is one of the most exciting games packed with diversified play styles, and high-quality graphics—the game’s uplifted rating has melted down several users’ hearts and kept them eager to play the game. However, several users have complained about Devil may cry 5 fatal application exit problem that has ravaged the gamers’ […]

Loudest Cars In Forza Horizon 5(TOP 7)

loudest cars in forza horizon 5

If you are a Forza fan, you might be eager to know about the loudest cars in Forza Horizon 5; undoubtedly, Forza horizon has stolen the hearts of many car lovers and lets them experience the true potential of supercars through gaming that stands next to reality. There are many lightning-speed hypercars in the game […]

Forza Horizon 5 No Applicable App Licenses Found(FIXED!)

Forza Horizon 5 No Applicable App Licenses Found

After an exhausting day, every gaming enthusiast wants to spend quality time gaming; some prefer specific racing games like Forza. However, it can be quite frustrating when we encounter an error while launching the game. Subsequently, “no applicable app licenses found” in Forza Horizon 5. The mentioned license error has been majorly affecting the emotional […]